2019 General Assembly of the  
International Association for Machine Translation 


Machine Translation Summit XVII, The Theatre, The Helix,  
Dublin 9, Ireland 

Friday, August 23, 2019, 14:30–15:00 


     1. Welcome   

     2. Approval of the Agenda 

     3. IAMT Council Reports ​

           a. Approval of the President's report

           b. Approval of the Secretary's report 

           c. Approval of the Treasurer's report (https://v.gd/Pay03T)

      4. AMTA request of a loan from IAMT to host AMTA 2020 (https://v.gd/7Mee8o)

      5. Ratification of new by-laws (old by-laws: http://www.eamt.org/legal/bylaws.php; new by-laws, with changes commented:            https://v.gd/59DzKC)
      6. Election or ratification of the new IAMT Executive Committee

      7. Machine Translation Summit 2021 in the Americas

      8. Other Initiatives for 2019–2021

      9. Any other business 


Note​: According to the bylaws of our Association, members can be “represented by  proxies bearing written powers”. If you cannot attend the General Assembly but  would like to be represented by a member that will be present, make sure they have  your authorization in writing. You can fill the following out or use it as a template.

I, _____________________________________________________, current member of the International Association for Machine Translation (IAMT), will be represented by _________________________________________________, also a current member of the EAMT/AMTA/AAMT  at the General Assembly that will convene on August 23, 2019  in Dublin, Ireland. 




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